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Who we are

Il Pastifico was born in Salerno in 1992, with the aim of preserving, recreating and therefore offering its customers the ancient recipes of traditional cuisine, as our grandmothers used to make them, updating their flavours.

Il Pastificio specializes in the production of typical regional products from all over the country, with particular attention to Campania, Basilicata and Puglia.

We also offer our customers take-away gastronomy and genuine sweets without chemical additives.

Our pasta is distinguished between extruded in bronze and laminated, which, can be with or without eggs.

The extruded bronze products are made with a dough made from durum wheat semolina, water and salt. Our production technique is able to reproduce the same pasta consumed on our land since the mid-1800s.

The dough, strictly composed of durum wheat semolina, water (30%) and salt, is worked for about ten minutes before being introduced into the appropriate tank of the machine equipped with a bronze dye. The paste is then formed by simple extrusion. By replacing the dyes it is possible to have different formats in terms of thickness, compactness and shape.

The machine, also called “Pressa” is able to produce and reproduce all the qualities on the market, such as the dried and packaged pastas that are brought to our tables every day.

The difference lies entirely in the artisan process, the process of drying, which is much more delicate and requires lower temperatures than industrial ones so as not to alter the taste.

Laminated pasta, on the other hand, is produced thanks to a state-of-the-art machine, called: “sfogliatrice automatica”, an A160 machine with a production capacity of 100 kg per hour.

It is equipped with a double bowl: the first, which can be tilted electrically, is used to form the dough, while the second is used to contain it and, at the same time, to laminate it automatically, producing rolls of pastry (16 cm wide, 6/8 mm thick, depending on the raw material used).

The “sfogliatrice automatica” is also useful as a “ravioli machine – tortellini machine – cutter”, the real engine of Il Pastificio, and which, thanks to its versatility, also allows our “Pressa” to work as a mixer.

Furthermore, our machines do nothing but enrich and integrate what is and always remains the heart of our production process: handmade.

The dough for laminated pasta is made up of: durum wheat semolina and liquids, equal to 30%, (water plus 10% whole eggs out of the total): e.g. 10 kg of durum wheat semolina and 2.7 liters of water plus 300 ml of whole eggs.

For a few months now, you can also find us in Rome in Via della Dogata Vecchia 9/10.

“Semolina, water and love” are our ingredients and our motto.

Come and visit us!

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