Production techniques – Il Pastificio
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The Kneading

In this phase, the various doses and varieties of semolina and flour are mixed together with the ingredients adding egg or water which determines the humidity of the product and depending on the product that has to be made.

Il Pastificio uses plunger arm mixers This technology allows you to start a “soft” kneading, where friction and heating are limited, so as to obtain a product that is homogeneous in its ingredients and correctly elastic.


Il Pastificio takes great care in the cooling phase of the product, using blast chillers, to avoid bacterial proliferation and oxidation of the product, thus maintaining the natural chromaticity, which is very important in vegetables.

We can say we are in the presence of a good paste if the aspect is uniformly smooth and when held up to the light there is no roughness, “points” and dark shadows, the color appears clear and amber yellow, finally, when tasted, the flavor must have a slight sweetish tinge.

The lamination

In this phase we use three different types of machines: the ravioli machine, for products with ricotta-based fillings, the tortellini machine (tortellini e ombelico di Venere) and the cappelletti machine, a machine with interchangeable molds with which four meat-based products are produced , raviolini, tortellini, ravioli and agnolotti.

Once the sheet has been laminated and formed, the rolls of dough are placed on the aforementioned machines which, once activated, determine the desired shapes.

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